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Innovations in ocean research through new academic fields that extend beyond the borders of the arts and sciences.
A comprehensive research and education system that spans the entire range of fields related to the ocean.

Research concept

UTokyo Ocean Alliance will create new fields of ocean research by networking various different areas of study, and will form an academic framework to train the human resources necessary for the further advancement of ocean science.

As an island with little in the way of land based natural resources, Japan must exist in harmony with the ocean and systematically manage ocean related issues, taking into account a broad range of perspectives in order to take full advantage of the rich resource it offers.

As an example, the development of natural resources requires both economic and environmental assessment of the available reserves, development of the necessary engineering technology for survey and development, and the consensus of international law together with appropriate regulation and management. With a departmentalized approach to research, it is not possible to fully consider all the necessary issues with sufficient foresight to achieve sustainable development. UTokyo Ocean Alliance will form the necessary network to comprehensively and systematically consider these issues for the advancement of ocean science.

Research programs

There are three research programs in action now at Ocean Alliance.

One of them is "Marine Affairs Basic Program supported by the Nippon Foundation". This program is aiming at developing human resources that possess a high level of expertise in marine affairs and can show leadership in international negotiations. It proceeds three research projects on pressing issues which our society is expecting scientists to resolve: "Overseas Internship Project for Development of International Marine Human Resource," "Mega-Tsunami Project" and "Science on Consensus Building Methods Related to Ocean Use."

"Ocean Literacy Program" is also conducted with financial assistance from the Nippon Foundation. The Research Center for Marine Education (RCME) is trying to develop a marine education system suitable for elementary, middle and high schools and also to cultivate human resources for marine education in local communities.

Lastly, "Hiratsuka Offshore Experiment Tower Program" is offering observation data by using the Hiratsuka Experiment Tower located 1km off the coast of Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Pref.

About OA
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