Ocean Literacy ProgramOcean Literacy Program

Ocean Literacy Program

This program aims to enrich marine education in elementary and middle schools in order to nurture a public with broad and abundant knowledge of the ocean. This program began in October 2010 with financial assistance from the Nippon Foundation.

The Research Center for Marine Education (RCME) serves as the center of activities and is the first such organization in Japan to research and practice the promotion of marine education by coordinating with hub universities (Yokohama National University, University of the Ryukyus and others) and practicing elementary, middle and high schools nationwide.

The Center’s Marine Education Policy Studies Unit develops a marine curriculum for elementary and middle school education, and guides the instruction and training of educators who will take the lead in marine education. The main purpose of the Marine Human Resources Development Studies Unit is researching and developing teaching materials for use in marine education, and the development of human resources who will make use of these teaching materials.

The main characteristics of this program are its ability to conduct research on promoting marine education from the perspective of higher and social education, and its coordination with other programs towards the objective of solving social issues and educating at the university level.

HIOKI Mitsuhisa Project Professor Ocean Alliance
KUBOKAWA Kaoru Project Professor Ocean Alliance
TAGUCHI Kodai Project Lecturer Ocean Alliance
OIKAWA Yukihiko Project Researcher
(Principal Researcher, Ocean Alliance)
Ocean Alliance
KATO Daiki Project Researcher Ocean Alliance
KAWAKAMI Shinya Project Researcher Ocean Alliance
TANAKA Hayato Project Researcher Ocean Alliance
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