The University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance provides an academic framework to support research and education that extends beyond the traditional academic disciplines. By fusing together the knowledge and human resources developed in various fields of ocean research, the alliance will work to deepen the understanding of, and bring closer together, humans and our ocean.
UT Ocean Alliance forms an organized network that spans the entire range of the various fields of ocean research at the University of Tokyo, and provides a breeding ground for new ideas and innovations in ocean science and technology. UT Ocean Alliance forms Japan’s largest think tank for ocean related issues and promotes research on knowledge base and sustainable use of our ocean through cooperation among specialists of various disciplines within and outside the University of Tokyo.

About oa

UT Ocean Alliance will educate the next generation of experts with fresh new perspectives of our ocean. The alliance will create an international core for ocean research and education with an interactive flow of information to form our nations largest think tank for ocean related issues.

Main Activities

The University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance is implementing an educational program for graduate students and three other research programs. The research programs are aiming not only at academic achievements but also to contribute to solving practical problems in the society.

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