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To realize an ocean education with a broad perspective of ocean issues that extends beyond the borders of the arts and sciences.
An ocean education system that embraces the various fields of ocean research, to deepen our knowledge and further our understanding of the ocean.

Concept of education

To develop human resources capable of systematically assessing issues related to the ocean with a balanced perspective that considers the various fields of ocean related research.

The challenges that currently face the ocean range from large scale issues such as global warming, pollution, deep sea oil and gas production, survey and development of natural resources, security of trade routes and the conservation of fisheries, to local issues such as coastal erosion and the general management of coastal environments.

The future of sustainable development and environmental protection demands both national and international monitoring of the ocean from a broad range of perspective. This requires the human resources capable of considering ocean related issues from a number of different perspectives and taking into account the entire range of ocean related fields. In order to achieve this goal, UTokyo Ocean Allianc will take advantage of the leading of experts in various ocean related fields at the University of Tokyo to implement an educational system that spans its educational resources.

Interdisciplinary Education Program on Ocean Science and Policy

This is an educational program implemented in collaboration with many graduate school departments for the comprehensive development of ocean science and policy as an interdisciplinary field, with the aim of fostering human resources that will integrate and internationalize Japan’s marine policies. The program began in fiscal 2009.

About OA
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